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VINEYARDS…it’s about the soil

[columns] It is the goal of the Emerson Brown partnership to craft wines that highlight the particular site from which the fruit is grown. Finding the right vineyard source is essential for producing a complete and balanced wine. We hope that you enjoy the wines we have made from what we consider to be particularly special vineyards in Napa Valley.

III Michaels Estate, Oakville - Cabernet Sauvignon

III Michaels Estate vineyard is located on the eastern bench of the Oakville appellation in the heart of Napa Valley. A gentle slope provides excellent drainage, which regulates the vegetative growth of the vines allowing for good sun exposure on the fruiting zone. Having cooler soils than most Napa Valley vineyards, we see slower growth and later ripening than average Cabernet Sauvignon sites. The ideal soils combined with a sunny western exposure, allows the fruit to enjoy long hang time becoming perfectly ripe without excessive sugar accumulation. III Michaels Estate vineyard consistently produces fruit of optimal natural acidity, allowing for the production of balanced wines.

Rutherford River Ranch, Rutherford - Sauvignon Blanc

Rutherford River Ranch is located on banks of the Napa River in the heart of Rutherford.  Growing conditions for expressive Sauvignon Blanc could not be more ideal here. The well drained, mineral-rich alluvial soils allow for a deep root system alleviating the need for irrigation. Because of Sauvignon Blanc’s upright growing habit, the vineyard is trellised on a Geneva Double Curtain system, which provides optimum light to the canopy. Harvest time for the Sauvignon Blanc usually extends from late August to mid September by making multiple passes through the vineyard.  The result is a showcase of diverse fruit characteristics this classic grape variety is known to exhibit. [/columns]

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